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Joe Sides With “Power” Fans, Urges 50 Cent To Bring Classic Theme Song Back

R&B singer Joe is a Power OG, and he is siding with fans urging 50 Cent to bring back the classic theme song.

Wherever you are on the planet, I’m sure you’ve heard about all the backlash hit TV show Power is receiving. The show returned for its 6th and final season on Sunday night, and there was a major change. The theme song was updated, and no longer had legendary singer Joe voicing it but instead saw the talented R&B singer Trey Songz, putting his own new twist on the track. Fans were outraged. With many stating, they would no longer watch the show or would mute or skip the intro entirely until it’s returned to its original glorious version.

Urban Islandz previously details Trey Songz’s reaction to all the hate. He commented on one post saying, “50 they hurting my feelings, Ima need a check for my emotional agony and distress.” While 50 cent has stood by his decision, many fans are going out of their way to ensure the song is changed back by the time the new episode airs.

No-one knows if this is even possible, but singer Joe has now joined the massive uprising insisting it be changed. He recently posted a photo of himself with the visuals (The Voice of Power).

He captioned the post, “All in favor say I! FANS HAVE A LOT OF #power! Ya’ll are amazing! Will hit y’ all once I’m settled in AFRICA @50cent – ALL LOVE – (we made a classic!) #power #powerthemesong #therealjoethomas.”

The post is currently at 32 thousand likes and climbing with many showing their support for this uprising.

Fans have been expressing themselves very boldly in the comments. “Hoping to hear your voice this Sunday / All I know is come Sunday night I need to hear @therealjoethomas on that theme song!!! / I don’t understand why they would touch something that ain’t need fixing. / We will continue to fast forward the intro until it’s changed back / Listen we was ready to riot!! / A lamb should never follow up the greatness of a GOAT @therealjoethomas.”

We’ll all be on the edge of our seats next Sunday to see the outcome of this revolution.

50 Cent has since shared his reaction to what Joe said.