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Foota Hype Attacks The Church AGAIN, Dancehall Fans Turn On The Heat

Foota Hype

Foota Hype is getting praised but is also coming under some severe hammering from followers on Instagram after accusing the Christian community of not contributing to education.

Despite Christian churches in Jamaica owning most of the island’s teachers colleges and either founding or operating a large portion of the nation’s high schools, including his alma mater Calabar High School and a majority of basic schools, the Foota Hype is insisting that the Christian community is doing absolutely nothing to help with education.

“Mi have a advice fi everybaddy in and around di world. Stap give offering at church. Stop give oonu money to church. Obviously oonu si Spice back to school foundation today how it block? Dat show you how much people cannot afford back-to-school. Big up Miss Donna – mi no know har – weh a go roun a help di sick people dem. If regular civilians are doing this, the church have money that can eliminate poverty in the world; but dem naw dweet,” Foota said in a Instagram video rant on Tuesday.

“Oonu teck oonu money and go give Miss Donna; teck oonu money go give Spice. Teck oonu money and go give people weh a do back to school and helping tings… di church naw help nobaddy; oonu bline? How is there so much poverty and oonu throw offering every Sunday? Mi no see di church a come out a do nuttn. Gi. Miss. Donna. oonu money,” he said in his usual brash manner.

Foota Hype also commented beneath the video: “They might kill me for this but I care f***ing zero somebody has to say it DO NOT GIVE UR MONEY TO THE CHURCH STOP THROWING OFFERINGS give ur money to Donna Gowe or Spice. At least we see what the f*ck they doing with it I don’t see the church giving sh*t only constantly receiving Gtfoh.”

He initially got support from Macka Diamond, but followers brushed her aside like an ant.

“Macka Diamond, a two time mi see u pon fb ina church a get prayer with something did do u and u come a talk against the church now,” Simone Fraser posted in response to Macka.
“Macka Diamond talk bout ur money n wa u a do with it, all a we fi stop so party, n stop book enu n them unu would a c wat we talking, unu act like a beg God a beg unu something. Who u think inspire man to mek money n do these things, smh. If God did stay like man u c,” Dainty Debrena said.

In response the self-proclaimed Money Goddess hurled abuses at the commenters, labeling them as “sh*t house, dog sh*t and telling them to f*ck off.”

But if Foota were expecting only to be cheered on by his followers, he was in for a rude awakening, as he was stung repeatedly by a large portion who registered their disagreement with his assessment. Many of them claimed the churches were not in the habit of calling media to do stories and post their good deeds on social media.

“Stop chat madness. Who is you to be telling people not to give offering?” Honey Boo 2019 said

“Footah not because the church don’t video wat they do like spice, that doesn’t say they not doing it!” Real Sting Morris declared to the entertainer.

“Why u don’t seh ppl fi stop go dance & by Hennessy. Why we don’t stop go party wat u booked for. Don’t tell people how to spend dem money. I don’t agree with u sir,” Blacky Bess said.

“Not tru foota. I know a lot of church doing the same thing spice do for years. They just don’t publicize it like she does,” Godbless wrote.