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Petty! 50 Cent Threw Wendy Williams Out His Tycoon Pool Party In NJ

50 Cent and Wendy Williams

50 Cent and Wendy Williams beef is nowhere near over, but she tried.

Even while partying and having fun at his famous Tycoon Pool party in New Jersey last weekend, 50 Cent was still petty. He has never been shy about his hatred for Wendy Williams, it runs deep, and she always trolled him on her show, which is why it was such a surprise when she showed up at his party. Fifty posted a video clip of Wendy Williams on his IG, showing her trying to get inside of his Tycoon Party. She was surrounded by security guards, who reportedly was told by the rapper not to let her in the party.

“You can’t just show up to my PARTY if you been talking about me,” 50 wrote. B**CH wait out side.”

Wendy Williams showing up to 50 Cent party is equivalent to her, giving him the strap to finish her off. Perhaps she was on some grown woman vibe and was planning to approach the G-Unit rapper and maybe apologize and squash their beef. Knowing Fif, he likely doesn’t want that because trolling is a part of his image these days, and she makes for a good target.

Nevertheless, Wendy Williams is on her ‘Hot Girl Summer’ tour, and I doubt this will slow her down. She might use the experience to make some good content for her show, or she will just let it slide. It almost seems like 50 Cent was expecting her and set up someone to film the whole thing for his IG page.

A bunch of other celebrities was partying with 50 Cent last weekend including Snoop Dogg and OT Genasis. The party still isn’t over so Wendy Williams might pop up at the after-party tonight. Do you think it’s time for Fif and Wendy to make peace, or did she do him too dirty on her show?