Dancehall Star Dexta Daps Reacts To Large Underwear Thrown At Him On Stage

Dexta Daps stage

Dexta Daps has felt the effects of inducing women to take their panties off through his seductive song “No underwear”.

Because, it seems at least one woman took him very seriously at a recent stage show in Antigua, in the Eastern Caribbean, based on a video the former Calabar High School student posted on Instagram today (July 29). In the video it was obvious the artiste was in his element, shirtless as usual and showing off his six pack abs onstage, crooning “no panty…why it make mi feel so good” as he walked to the front of the stage. A few seconds later a big purple panty flew up on stage, missing his head by inches before falling to the ground. Luckily for him, the former schoolboy footballer, was able to avoid coming into contact with the drawers.

“YO… WH REALLY JUS GWAAN,” Dexta captioned the video. The size of the garment evoked a steady stream of comments from his highly amused fans, and even surprisingly, from a very unlikely female artiste, Queen Ifrica who is on tour sall the way over in Europe.

“That’s a big one still,” the Lioness on the Rise artiste posted, attracting several supportive comments from fans. Dancehall diva, Spice, who also posted from Europe, was her usual raunchy self in her comments. “Bl@@dclaat, a weeeak. A you cause it. No you say no underwear,” she wrote.

Some female fans also predicted that hurling underwear at the artiste will now become a major activity at his shows, similar to the experience of American R&B artiste Teddy Prendergast in the 1970s. “Dexta soon affi start perform with a high fence at the front of the stage to how panty go start fly now. This is just the beginning!” said Sashy.

“Start it start yah now!! Pure underwear a go start dash pon stage… u betta mek dem kno.. if a suh…NEW UNWORN ones allowed #noviolation,” Ingrid Harris wrote.

Some fans even said the drawers-dropping incident could serve as inspiration for his next hit song. “Di next song name ‘fling the drawzz dem pon mi,” Nadine Cotterel wrote amid a long string of laughing emojis.

But one follower did not share the sentiments that the panty came from an adoring fan, claiming it was a ploy designed to embarrass the artiste. “F$#kery dat. Mi na laugh. Suppose it id ketch di man face. Yu know how much ppl would a start bun him out? A flop she wa flop yu career,” toosweet said.