I-Octane Giving Away US$1500 In “Mine Yuh” Challenge

Dancehall singjay I-Octane issued a challenge for his new song “Mine Yuh” for big money prize of US$1500.

The track which was produced by Zj Dymond and Dinesty King is now trending on Audiomack. It seems the challenge has boosted the popularity of this single. In the song for the ladies, I-Octane declares that “Every gal wid a good property / any man a f*** yu p***y afi mine yu / say him wah yu fi ride like a cycle / well him afi put yu name pon a title”. The challenge is to create a dance video to the song and post it to Instagram tagging I-Octane in the post. The contestant with the most likes will receive the prize money and according to Octane, a brand new air conditioner as well.

In a post made on Instagram by the singjay himself, he alerts his followers that the #mineyuhchallenge is underway reminding them that US$1500 is still on the line. “Listen to me ladies. Plutocrat challenge just done. Unu see di youth get paid yesterday. Him say him life change,” he said “Hear me a say now ladies. 1500 US Mine Yuh challenge start already”. In the video Octane goes on to say “Tag me ina unu video. The video with the most likes – not views – most likes ago win 1500 US and Striker said him ago add a AC ina it too. So 1500 US and a AC. So you know how that go.”

A lot of artistes have been employing the hashtag challenges online as a marketing tool to promote their song. As the “Mine Yuh” singjay mentioned, the #PlutocratChallenge winner was recently awarded. We can see how the online momentum triggered by the challenges that artistes are issuing is actually increasing views and playback of the song.

The artiste took to Instagram to post the good news about the song trending on Audiomack. “Mine Yuh” now trending on @audiomack. Remember to enter the #mineyuhchallenge for a chance to win US$1500.”

The good news is anyone can enter, and everyone has a chance to win the prize money. If you want to be 1500 US richer just post your video dancing to I-Octane’s #MineYuhChallenge and try to garner the most likes. Since the artiste is benefitting so much from each contestant’s entry, it’s only fair that the prize is just as rewarding for the winner.

Go ahead and try out the #MineYuhChallenge. Don’t forget to tag @realioctane.