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Jennifer Lopez Drops Trailer For ‘Hustlers’ Movie With Cardi B, Lizzo & KeKe Palmer

Cardi B Hustlers movie

Jennifer Lopez gave the world a sneak peek at her forthcoming movie Hustlers, and it features Cardi B, Lizzo and KeKe Palmer.

J. Lo made a surprise appearance via FaceTime on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” on Tuesday night, where she recapped her big performance at Madison Square Garden. Afterward, Fallon asked the singer/actor to give some detail about her new movie which will premiere in theaters September 13.

“It’s a movie that was inspired by a New York Magazine article. It follows a crew of strip club employees who band together and they kind of turn the tables on their Wall-Street clients,” J. Lo told Fallon via FaceTime. “It’s really a story about human nature and greed and desperation and what people do. It’s a really interesting movie, I’m really excited for people to see it.”

The late-night host responded by saying he was excited to see the trailer which wasn’t supposed to come out until Wednesday, to which J. Lo offered to give fans a little tease. The trailer is about 40 seconds, and you can catch glimpses of Bronx rap superstar Cardi B, whose single “Money” plays in the background, and rising songstress Lizzo. Keke Palmer will also star in the film.

Cardi fans shouldn’t get their hopes up too high about the rapper’s big-screen debut, however, as Cosmopolitan reported that her role might be small. Actress Madeline Brewer told Cosmo that Cardi only got to do one day of shooting, and maybe in two scenes max.

That’s sort of a bummer for the Bardi Gang, but the movie still looks pretty good. You can catch the trailer around the 3:06 mark below.