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Young Thug “I Would Be A Better President Than Kanye West”

Young Thug and Kanye West

Young Thug says he would be a better president than Kanye West.

Imagine Thug and Kanye running for president in 2020. The “Good Times” rapper did an interview with Adam22 where he opened up about a bunch of topics including his upcoming album and Lil Nas X coming out that he is gay. One of the biggest takeaways from the sit down is when Young Thug was asked if he thinks he would be a better president than Kanye West. Of course, none of them have announced that they’re running for the Oval Office anytime soon and for good reasons.

“F*** yeah. Because he can’t, he can’t out think me,” Thugger said. “He can out troll me but he can’t out think me. I’m a thinker. He’s the type of… Kanye will do something and make a mistake and then be like, f**k. I’m the type to be like hold on, man. I’m totally different.”

Young Thug went on to explain that Kanye is too honest with himself, and that’s why he always blurted out whatever comes to his mind. Ye does tend to get himself into trouble, especially when he comments on politics as in the case of his bizarre infatuation with President Trump. We also can’t deny that Kanye is an artistic genius.

Do you think Young Thug would make a better president than Kanye West?

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Once upon a time, Thugger revealed that Ye compared himself to reggae king Bob Marley and that triggered a backlash. Still, that was nothing compared to the backlash he received last year after saying that 400 years of slavery was a choice.