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Rapper Boonk Gang aka John Gabbana Broke Both Jaws, Got Sucker Punched On Video

Boonk Gang aka John Gabbana

Rapper Boonk Gang, aka John Gabbana, broke his jaw after getting s*cker punched on camera.

If you’ve been following Boonk on social media, then you would’ve known him from his shenanigans involving him posting viral videos of himself stealing food from restaurants. He got arrested several times for it, but it was all a part of his brand-building strategy on Instagram. Last year, his Instagram account got deleted after he live-streamed himself having sex which violates IG policies. He later started a rap career under the name John Gabbana.

Fast forward to this weekend, Boonk Gang got his jaw broken in what appears to be another stunt gone wrong. The full story is not yet known, but Boonk denied that he was punched and told his fans on IG that he ran into a wall. He also confirmed that he had to undergo surgery to fix the damage that was done.

A video clip has since surfaced online showing the moments that Boonk received hands from a shorter man. The clip didn’t show what transpired between the two men before the punching incident, but you can see when the hand connect and the rapper running away from the scene. The second video is quite graphic, so we will not post it; you can view it on his Instagram page.