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YNW Melly Appeared In Court Tells Fans He Will Be Home Soon: Video

YNW Melly court
YNW Melly in court 2019

YNW Melly was all smiles when he appeared in court on Thursday where he told fans he would be home soon.

The Miramar rapper is facing the death penalty if he is convicted for a double murder. Considering that his life is at stakes, YNW Melly is in good spirit as he faced the judge for another court hearing. The 20-year-old rapper is accused of killing two of his friends in the fall of last year and drove around the block with the dead bodies in his car. He is proclaiming his innocence, saying that they were killed in a drive-by shooting.

Melly shared a video of himself in court on his Instagram page, where he told fans that he is maintaining his faith in God. “I’ll be home soon. I’m smiling because God is with me – Melly #innocent #icee,” he wrote. In the clip, you can see him entering the courtroom in handcuffs while smiling and talking with his attorneys. His co-accused, YNW Bortlen, was also in court.

Both men are facing the death penalty if convicted for the murder. The rapper is maintaining a positive outlook despite the seriousness of the case before him. There is no news yet on when or if he will be granted bail. The judge previously denied his request for bond saying that he is a danger to the community.