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Nick Cannon And Fired ‘Wild ‘N Out’ star Karlous Miller Squashes Beef

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Let’s face it. Beef is always better off squashed. Nick Cannon and Karlous Miller did the right thing to end their feud peacefully.

So it’s always good news when celebrities make peace. It seems as though media mogul Nick Cannon and former ‘Wild ‘N Out’ star Karlous Miller have diffused the tension between them after Miller claimed Cannon allegedly had him fired from the show. Karlous was kicked off the show last year but returned to make a surprise guest appearance on Sunday’s episode, a clear sign that the controversy over his departure had subsided.

Back in October, Miller visited the Breakfast Club along with his “85 South Show” crew, and in the interview suggested his relationship with Nick took a turn after he made a joke about Nick Cannon going on a date with his ex-wife Mariah Carey and her new love interest.

“And then it was all downhill after that,” Miller said. “I said it and then the vibe changed.”

Miller continued by saying, “I don’t think it was Nick, I think it was the white people. They never really loved me like that over there.” However, as the interview progressed, Karlous continued to suggest it was Nick Cannon’s wishes to no longer have him apart of the show or the live tours.

Once the Breakfast Club hosts got Nick Cannon on the phone to clear the air, he also suggested that it was “white people” that removed Karlous from the show and denied involvement or control over the decision.

Karlous recently told TMZ that his return to the show as a guest was the result of a heart-to-heart between him and Nick. “Me and Nick actually had a long talk after the Breakfast Club … and I guess it was just a talk that needed to be had,” Miller said. “I guess it was just a break down in the communication. Once we opened the communication back up, everything was kosher baby.”

Wild ‘N Out is in its 13th season and has been running since 2005.