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Masicka Found A New Hit With “Drug Lawd”

Masicka Drug Lawd

Masicka Escobar is a “Drug Lawd.”

Masicka‘s new hit “Drug Lawd” follows his track last week called “Living Legend” and it is clear the Genahsyde deejay is sticking to a theme this summer. It’s all about the lavish lifestyle, but unlike his Montego Bay counterparts he lays it down in a more hardcore fashion. Masicka revealed to us an image of money flying around, pretty girls everywhere and last but not least, his security measures to keep all his assets intact.

The “Drugs Lawd” reference says it all; he is directly comparing his life to the likes of Pablo Escobar and El Chapo who we’ve seen throughout the years. In the deejay’s own words, “Man a heavy wait a pro / watch di paper show / watch di chain a glow / watch di hate a grow.”

The summer only got hotter as many artists have been releasing their tracks for the summer period, but Masicka’s installments are right there with the best. Potent lyrically should go without saying, the hook is hardcore but catchy, just Masicka being himself.

Listen the track “Drug Lord” below.