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Nicki Minaj AKA MEGATRON Responds To Cardi B Diss With Cryptic Tweet

Nicki Minaj MEGATRON

Nicki Minaj, aka MEGATRON, has responded to Cardi B diss on Twitter this morning with a cryptic tweet.

On Wednesday, Nicki Minaj broke her silence on social media to send out a single tweet with a single word, “MEGATRON.” The Queen rapper has been missing from social media for months, with just a few occasional posts. It appears that Cardi B drew her out of social media hibernation today (June 12). Perhaps she is plotting a new album titled MEGATRON, or maybe she is a huge Decepticon fan.

Nicki previously rapped about Megatron in her verse on Future’s 2018 hit single “Transformer.” It was during the time that she was getting accused of stopping other rappers bags. “Some call me Nicki but some call me Megatron /I’m stoppin’ bags and I don’t need a red octagon,” she raps.

Earlier this morning, Kulture’s mother was on Twitter mingling with her fans when someone asked her if she has any regrets about her Fashion Week fight with Nicki Minaj. Cardi B said no because she had fun, and it reminded her how savage she could be. “At first I was mad cause b**ch really tried my child but shiieeet I started having sooo much fun violating,” Cardi wrote. “I forgot how it was to be a savage.”

Nicki Minaj is also making news this week for her noticeable absence from the lineup on Chris Brown‘s “INDIGOAT Tour.” Sources are now saying that she was never on the tour to begin with even though Brown previously announced that they’re both going on a joint tour this summer.