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Trey Songz Pulled Up On 50 Cent For Exposing Him On The Gram

Trey Songz

Trey Songz pulled up 50 Cent and the whole thing is hilarious.

On Saturday night, Fifty posted a video calling out Trey Songz for allegedly wining and dining over 50 women. Both the rapper and the R&B singer were at a luxury hotel in Atlanta for an event this weekend. According to 50 Cent, he spotted Songz inside a restaurant with dozens of women after recently having a baby. Fif posted a couple clips of himself and Tony Yayo with plenty women inside their hotel room like they were ready to hit Magic City.

“Trey Songz at Del Frisco’s right now,” 50 Cent said jokingly. “He got like 50 b*tches with him. 50 b**ches in a mutha****in’ restaurant. Do you gotta pay the bill? Don’t try to have like a cute ni**a moment where you like you don’t want to pay the bill now. Pay the bill. You wanna be…you Trey Songz, right?”

Trey later posted a video of himself running up on 50 Cent who was very surprised. He said in the video that he spotted Fif in the hallway who dropped his bucket of ice and ran. If Trey Songz had owed 50 Cent money things would’ve turned out very differently.