Gage Cast Mackerel In His Man Thief Video “Something Bout Yuh”

Mackerel Gage video

Gage cast viral sensation Mackerel in his new video “Something Bout Yuh.”

While Mackerel is busy testing the waters for a career in dancehall, she is also getting her acting chops on. Gage drops off the video for his single “Something Bout Yuh” yesterday where he cast the Jamaican viral sensation as one of the lead stars. The cut kicks off with Mackerel talking to one of her friends on the phone about a running she recently had with another female after getting caught with the female’s boyfriend. “So me know say when yuh a tek gal man yuh affi be careful how yuh a tek a gal man stick to the motel,” she said.

Gage did a good job putting the cinematic video together to capture the storyline of his catchy single.

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