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Lil Reese Drops Gritty Song Amidst Reports He Got Jump By Rival Rapper

Lil Reese rapper

Lil Reese drops new song amidst reports he got jumped by a rival rapper.

Yesterday, some embarrassing images started making the rounds on social media showing Lil Reese getting robbed and beaten. One rival rapper is taking credit for the beating while suggesting the Reese defecate on himself during the attack. The new song is titled “No Face No Case.” “No case, no face or nothin’/ Aiming for the top trying to hit your face with somethin’/ F*** a b*tch a won’t chase none,” he raps.

Lil Reese has seemingly reacted to the reports of his beating incident in Chicago where he alleged that he was in Miami at the time so it couldn’t have happened. “Court next week ‘I’m thinkin about that sh*t already,” he wrote.