Rotimi Links With Dancehall Diva Vanessa Bling On “Walk With Me”

Vanessa Bling and Rotimi

Power Star Rotimi drops off his new album “Walk With Me” on iTunes.

The actor/singer links with dancehall diva Vanessa Bling on his new single “Push Button Start” featured on the album. Bling is the only guest feature on the R&B project, and the track is one of the most popular on the album. The 7-track project features singles like “Legend,” “Decisions,” “Love Riddim,” “Sip Slow,” “I Can’t Blame You,” and “Summertime.”

“This project is my baby,” Rotimi said about his debut album. “It’s completely me. I tried to keep it as authentic as possible, sticking to my roots and take everyone on a journey with me, of where my life is at and I’m excited to share this piece of me with the world.”

Rotimi is best known for his roles in the hit Starz series Power, where he acts as the character Andre Coleman, aka Dre. He also plays Darius Morrison on the Starz series Boss.