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Mike Tyson Said He Punch The Game Manager Wack100 In The Mouth For Dissing Tupac

Mike Tyson still got a quick hand per his recent fight with The Game manager Wack 100.

On Tuesday, Mike Tyson sat down for an interview with Wack 100 on his Hotboxin’ podcast. While we still haven’t received any audio or video from the interview, both the boxing legend and Wack have confirmed that things popped off on the show when Tupac was brought up. So far we’ve been only getting bits and pieces of the story, but Mike Tyson is adamant that he pulled one off on Wack for disrespecting Tupac.

“Everybody has a plan ‘til they get punched in the mouth, Ain’t that right @wack100,” Tyson wrote while posting an old photo of himself and the late rapper, Tupac Shakur.

Wack 100 also gave his side of the story saying that he went first after Tyson pointed his finger at him and he didn’t like that. “@miketyson or #PeterRabbit no real man going for that finger pointing ! Just know this however it turned out Wack went first !! #GrownManSh*t #ShouldaBitThatFingerLikeYouDidHolyfieldsear @fredfrenchy your man had me f**ked up @hotboxinpodcast made history this day,” Wack wrote.

Wack admitted in another post that Mike Tyson still got a quick hand, so it sounds like he did get punched. He also shared a pill bottle of what appears to be painkillers.