Shenseea Attacked By Rastafarian Over Girl On Girl In New Tyga Video

Shenseea and Tyga

Shenseea managed to anger some dancehall fans and now some members of the Rastafarian community.

The Romeich Entertainment first lady has been getting a lot of criticisms since dropping off her new video “Blessed” with Tyga. Some folks are accusing Shenseea of selling out dancehall music, while others are labeling her a lesbian, as in the case of this Rastafarian female in the video below. While the dancehall deejay didn’t deny that she likes women, she also didn’t confirm it either. Her reasons for leaving it out there to hang is strategic because it keeps people talking and guessing.

Foota Hype, who is a staunch critic of Shenseea, uploaded the video below on his Instagram, showing a Rastafarian female blasting the deejay for promoting lesbianism in her music video. “Blessed” video features a Rastafarian man on the beach who arguably stole the show. “Ok so finally I’m not alone someone from the Rastafarian community has stepped forward and said their piece since most rasta get coward and fraid fi talk,” Foota Hype wrote.

This is not Foota Hype’s first attack on Shenseea. Last week we saw Konshens calling him out for attacking the “ShenYeng Anthem” deejay after she posted two photos of herself with another female in bed.

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“Is this what Jamaica has come to, more Sodom and Gomorrah and now you entered the house of Rastafari,” the female said in the video.

Romeich is the smartest person in the room. He knew that injecting the scene at the beginning of the video with Shenseea waking up next to a female would get folks talking and he was spot on. All of the chatters translate into over 5 million views in less than a week and get this, ShenYeng is currently doing a round of overseas press greetings that is exposing her name and face to a broader audience.

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