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Joe Budden Blasted On Twitter For Dissing Kawhi Leonard’s Father

Joe Budden gets put on blast on Twitter for dissing Kawhi Leonard’s late father.

If you follow Joe Budden on social media and or listen to his podcast, then you would know that he can get outspoken and often times blunt about any and every topic in the culture. This week, the former Slaughterhouse rapper is getting hammered on social media for disrespecting Raptors NBA star Kawhi Leonard’s dad, who passed away. Some folks on social media who are fans of the basketball player says they will put Budden on timeout because this time he went a little too far.

During one of his recent podcast, Joe Budden joked about creating a documentary about the crews that could kill you because he is intrigued by finding out some people are killers. “Guess who’s a killer? Kawhi’s dad…it’s a fact,” he said towards the end of the show.

“Dad is in jail for I think whatever, I won’t get into it, I’m afraid,” the rapper turn podcaster said. “And the uncle is out handling the business [as Kawhi’s manager]. When you look at Kawhi and his game and his demeanor, don’t it sound right?”

One of his co-hosts then went online and Google Joe Budden’s story and found out that it was inaccurate and that Kawhi’s dad was shot and killed on January 18, 2008, at a carwash he owned in Compton. Joe Budden acknowledged that he was wrong about Kawhi’s dad being in jail, but he never apologized and went on to insist that his story about him being a killer is true. He added that he thinks that Kawhi’s uncle is getting busy. Kawhi’s fans on Twitter are infuriated by Budden’s remarks.

“Joe Budden talking about Kawhi Leonard’s deceased father was out of bounds,” one fan wrote. Another fan added, “This dude really just made something up, got corrected and then made a joke about Kawhi’s late father. Aside from being late on child support payments and hitting his girlfriend, @JoeBudden strives every day to prove how sh**ty of a human being he is.”