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Kodak Black A Danger To The Community Feds Ask Judge Keep Him Behind Bars

Kodak Black

Kodak Black is a danger to his community, at least that’s what the feds are saying.

Just how dangerous Kodak Black is? Federal prosecutors want Project Baby to remain behind bars because he poses a significant threat to the people living in his community. The Pompano Beach rapper was arrested last weekend and slapped with two felony charges for attempting to purchase firearms illegally. His bond was set at $550,000, but he has yet to be released from jail.

Kodak Black also pleaded not guilty to the charges. According to TMZ, prosecutors are saying that his pattern is “to be arrested, get released, get arrested, get released, get arrested, get released, and so on and so on.”

The feds also added that Kodak Black’s criminal activities have been “substantial and violent.” Among his past runnings with the law includes carjacking and robbery in 2012, fleeing from police officers in 2016, a March 2019 shooting incident, and of course his recent gun and drug possession.

Kodak’s attorney Bradford Cohen shot back saying that the crime that he was arrested for is for paperwork, which is a non-violent crime. “If they were in such fear for the community as its being alleged, why didn’t they pick him up soon after he filled out the paperwork in January? That’s what this charge is about, paperwork, a non-violent crime,” Cohen said.

Kodak Black, whose real name is Bill Kapri, also has a pending rape case before the courts in South Carolina. That case stemmed from a 2016 incident where he allegedly sexually assaulted a teenage girl.