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Raz B Quits B2K Millennium Tour Because Of Trolling From J. Boog and Fans

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Raz B is out for the remainder of the B2K “Millennium Tour” because of the constant trolling from group mate J. Boog and fans.

The tour got off to a rocky start last month with Raz B threatening to quit from the beginning, but someone talked him out of it. It seems he was unable to see the tour all the way through to the end and ultimately decided to sit out the remaining shows. It’s still not one hundred percent clear why he chose to leave his bandmates high and dry, but the group released a statement saying that the singer will take a break to focus on his health and well-being.

According to Bossip, Raz B decided to quit the tour because he is constantly made fun of by B2K fans. Sources told the site that Raz B is also claiming that he regularly gets trolled from his B2K bandmate J. Boog, who teased him over his alleged sexual abuse with Chris Stokes. The singer says he grew tired of it and decided to leave the tour and possibly the group because he still suffers from PTSD.

The source also pointed out that J. Boog arrived at a recent B2K meet and greet with fans with a shirt with some text, “I DON’T FEEL SAFE.” Raz B took that as a direct shot at him because he had threatened to leave the group because he doesn’t feel safe around Chris Stokes. The sources also revealed that J. Boog and Chris Stokes are still good friends and have been business partners over the years.

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