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50 Cent Celebrates Warrant Issue For Teairra Mari’s Arrest Over Unpaid Money

50 Cent is celebrating today after a warrant was issued for Teairra Mari’s arrest over her unpaid debt to him.

The G-Unit rapper learned on Monday that a bench warrant was issued for the Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood star’s arrest. The two artists are locked in a legal battle which 50 Cent has been winning so far. Last year a judge ordered Teairra Mari to fork over a portion of the rap legend’s legal fees from a lawsuit that she filed against him that was ultimately dismissed.

Teairra Mari was ordered to pay $30,618 for his attorney fees. She caught a big break because that’s only a portion of his $161,660.15 legal bill. Teairra was reportedly ordered to appear in court on Monday (April 22) but did not show up. The judge then issued a warrant for her arrest.

50 Cent has since reacted to the news in true 50 Cent form. “See the sh*t ain’t funny now, is it Funky,” he wrote. “You best be coming up with my money. I’m a need 75K now after they add all additional legal fees. The Law is The Law.”

“All you angry b*tches on my page, get your me 2 asses outta of here,” he added in the comments. “I’m different, now this girl thought she was gonna grab a bag of my money.and got jammed up. What you want me to do? The Law is, The Law. LOL.”

“THE LAW, IS THE LAW don’t play with me, I don’t want to play. LOL,” he continues.