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Dave East Expletive-Laced Rant “Old Town Road” Wack With A Cape On It

Dave East is not a fan of Lil Nas X’s hit single “Old Town Road.”

The Harlem rapper sounds off in a video clip posted on his Instagram Live, calling the song “Wack with a cape on it.” Dave East found himself among the minority since “Old Town Road” is currently one of the biggest songs on the planet. Lil Nas X even earned the support of famed country star Billy Ray Cyrus who did an official remix that catapulted to the top of the chart last week and broke Drake’s streaming record.

“This f***ing ‘Old Town Road’ sh*t is f***ing wack,” East said in an expletive-laced rant. “I don’t know what the f*** is going on with hip-hop.”

Dave East insists that he is not a hater and is just voicing his opinion on the viral single. “I ain’t no hater, man, but that sh*t is wack with a cape on it. It’s super wack,” he continues.

Twitter quickly clapped back at East for hating on the song and even Lil Nas X appears to have responded. “Old Town Road is a cute guilty pleasure…fun song…borderline parody…but fun…anyone who thinks it’s in the same league or conversation as Dave East has no business talking rap music,” Rosenberg wrote.