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Kodak Black Iced Rumors He Got Stomped At Show Over T.I. Beef

Kodak Black

Kodak Black says he never got stomped out.

The Dying To Live rapper went viral this week when a video clip surfaced online showing him doing a stage dive which went horribly wrong. The clip below shows a part of what went down, but what took placed after the stage dive is up for your interpretation. Some folks are saying that Kodak Black got stomped out in the crowd by some of T.I.‘s fans. The rapper is now denying the rumors saying that he never got stomped.

“[No one jumped me,] let alone stomped me out,” Kodak told his followers on Instagram Live. “Man, you better off amputating both your legs if you kick me, let alone stomp me! How you gon’ do that? Then what happened?”

Kodak Black made a lot of enemies recently when he made some distasteful comments about Nipsey Hussle’s girlfriend, Lauren London. The Game and T.I. are two of the rappers who came out strongly against the Florida MC. Some folks are now saying it was some fans of T.I. who stomped him out in the crowd.

Aside from a public backlash for disrespecting Lauren London, Kodak Black is getting ready to go on trial for a sexual misconduct case that could potentially send him to prison for a very long time if he is convicted.