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Lil Nas X Hints Beyonce Could Be On “Old Town Road” Remix

Lil Nas X and Beyonce

Lil Nas X hinted that he is working on new music with Beyonce.

Lil Nas X is having the time of his life with his viral single “Old Town Road” being the biggest song on the planet. The Atlanta rapper celebrated his 20th birthday today, April 9th, and he has much to celebrate this week. “Old Town Road” catapult to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart this week following a massive surge in popularity thanks in part to Billy Ray Cyrus jumping on the remix after Billboard yanked the song from the country chart.

“Old Town Road” could even get bigger if Beyonce jumps on the remix. Lil Nas X left a cryptic message on Instagram where he wrote, “Ready to tell them @beyonce.”

It could just mean that Queen Bey gave him a call to wish him a happy birthday or congratulate him for his number one single. Highly doubt that’s all he was hinting at, and if I am to make a wild guess, I would say some new music or a remix is coming.

In 2016, Beyonce’s country song “Daddy Lessons” was rejected by the Grammys for consideration after the Country Music Association says the song was country enough. Billboard reported that Beyonce submitted the song for nomination in the country category, but it got rejected by the Academy’s country-music committee.