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Rich The Kid Accidentally Reveals He And Tori Brixx Having A Baby Boy

Rich The Kid and Tori Brixx
Rich The Kid and Tori Brixx

Rich The Kid unintentionally revealed that he is expecting a baby boy with girlfriend Tori Brixx.

We’re living in an age where everything is revealed via social media, but celebrities often go above and beyond to keep some aspects of their lives close. For example, celebs tend to not disclose the gender of their babies while pregnant and sometimes even shield the child from the world, as in the case of Drake, JAY-Z, and Beyonce.

Today we say Rich The Kid slip up in an interview on Big Boys Neighborhood and reveal the gender of his baby. Tori Brixx is around midway her pregnancy, and she has been embracing her baby bump on the Gram over the past couple of months.

One of the hosts asked him if he already picked out a name for his baby. “No not yet, but I think am my name is Dimitri [and] I think I may name him the same thing: Dimitri II,” Rich said.

Big Boy then responded asking him if that was already out there that he is having a baby boy and that’s you heard the big, “oops.”