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R. Kelly Denies Rumors He Slept With Aaliyah’s Mother

R. Kelly interview

R. Kelly is denying rumors claiming that he slept with Aaliyah’s mother.

The R&B icon may have bigger things to worry about like his 10 indictment sexual assault case, but this allegation may be too much to ignore. Last week, Lisa Van Allen, who is an ex-girlfriend of R. Kelly, sat down for an interview with DJ VLAD where she spilled the tea about the singer and Aaliyah’s mother. She claimed that what she said came directly from R. Kelly who confessed to her while they were dating when she was around 17 years old.

TMZ reported that R. Kelly denies the allegations saying it is just another smear campaign. The site reported that the denial is com coming from R. Kelly himself under the belief that Van Allen is trying to tarnish his name. Van Allen was among the girls profiled in Lifetime documentary “Surviving R. Kelly,” which was aired in January and cause huge fallouts for the R&B crooner. She gave an account of an abortion she had while they were dating, which became a fundamental part of the documentary’s narrative about Kelly being a sexual predator.

R. Kelly wed Aaliyah when she was in her mid-teens and falsified documents to show her age to be 18. His attorney Steve Greenberg cast the blame squarely on Aaliyah saying that the late singer coerced Kelly into believing she was considerably older.

R. Kelly’s next court date is set for March 22nd when his legal team will go face-to-face with Michael Avenatti, who is representing one of his accusers.