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Charly Black Dismantles Stereotype In New Video “Loves Every Woman”

Charly Black

Charly Black is dismantling female stereotype in dancehall with a new single titled “Loves Every Woman.”

Charly Black is now a diamond-selling artist which firmly placed him among the elites in dancehall who have sold over 10 million singles. His latest single is called “Loves Every Woman,” and in that track, he is making it clear that skin tone or body size doesn’t matter to him.

“Lately, we a hear a lot about women and how some a dem feel about how dem look, and we just wah do our part as artiste fi make dem know dem nice anyhow,” Back said. “The female dem always make me feel nice. Ever since me buss inna 2007 until now, a dem represent for Charly Black, so me did affi represent fi dem like this,” he said. “I want dem to know dem look good, whether dem black, chiney, white, purple, pink; cuz without the females, Earth wouldn’t feel so nice.”

The Sky Star Music-produced single is now on Charly Black’s YouTube channel, and it’s gaining traction. The dancehall star is currently working on his new album, due sometime this year. He will be releasing the first single off the project on March 15.