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50 Cent Ceased Opportunity To Trash Ja Rule Over Bucks Mishap

50 Cent pic IG

50 Cent never missed an opportunity to troll Ja Rule.

Ja Rule has been a trending topic on social media this weekend ever since he botched a performance at Saturday’s Milwaukee Bucks game halftime show. The 2000s rapper was the headlining act for a 1990s-themed show, and the fans were not interested in seeing him. 50 Cent is now ceasing on the opportunity to take some shots at his old enemy. It’s not like we had expected Fiddy not to say anything, we were just waiting patiently.

The G-Unit rap legend posted the clip on his Instagram account and captioned it, “Why they do that to him oh yeah, I told them to do that. LMAO Emanuel Gonzalez would say shoot him on sight.”

It appears 50 Cent is still feeling salty about New York senior police officer Emanuel Gonzalez threatening to shoot him, and who wouldn’t. It was a serious threat from a law enforcement officer who is to protect and serve. Fifty is already threatening to sue the city of New York, but while he ponders his legal options, the rap mogul sounds off on social media about it at every chance he gets.

As for Ja Rule, he already addressed the embarrassing performance while admitting that he is not a 90s rapper even though he dropped an album in 99. One NBA player, Gianni, came out at halftime to practice his shots in the middle of Ja Rule’s performance like he wasn’t even there performing. The crowd was also unresponsive almost like something they rehearsed.

50 Cent is now one up on Ja Rule, but you can expect a comeback from RuleYork sometime soon.