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Ja Rule Reacts To Viral Video Of Embarrassing Milwaukee Bucks Halftime Performance

Ja Rule live IG

Ja Rule is speaking out about this video that went viral.

The hip-hop legend performed at Saturday’s Milwaukee Bucks game halftime show but appears that the crowd wasn’t too welcoming of the former Murder Inc rapper. The Bucks was celebrating a Nineties-themed affair at their game at the Fiserv Forum. They invited Ja Rule to come in and performed during the game’s halftime. RuleYork is not even really a nineties rapper, and even he admitted it during his appearance on the court halftime.

“They said this was Nineties night, so they brought out a 2000s artist,” the rapper said. “But my album came out in ’99, so I guess that counts.” He then shouted in the microphone “are we ready?” He asked the question a bunch of times, but the crowd wouldn’t budge. “I guess we’re not,” he said while admitting defeat.

The clip has since gone viral on social media forcing Ja Rule to address it. “Y’all really be on my d*ck… let’s be CLEAR my sound was f**ed up at first and didn’t come on when it was supposed to but I rocked that b**ch… thanks for the love Milwaukee!!! Great win my streak continues… lol,” he tweeted.

Ja Rule even responded to a post from Bleacher Report after they posted a clip of Giannis practicing his shots all while Rule was performing. “Y’all act like this is not normal at halftime shows… y’all mad corny for this post,” the rapper tweeted.

“My bag just keeps getting bigger… lmao,” he continues.