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Migos Hates Their Hilarious SNL Skit, Offset Explains Why

Quavo and Migos

Migos hates their hilarious skit on SNL.

Migos got a lot of buzz going on for them this weekend with Offset dropping off his debut album “Father Of 4,” and each of the other two rappers, Quavo and Takeoff, releasing their debuts. There is no doubt the Atlanta trio is the hottest rap groups on the scene right now. The group also has a couple of runnings with media guys like Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks. Last May, SNL did a parody on them starring Kenan Thompson, Chris Redd, and Donald Glover, who is a close friend of the trio.

During a recent interview with GQ’s “Undercover” series, Offset shed some light on how the group felt about the infamous SNL skit. He revealed for the first time that he and the rest of the Migos clan, Quavo and Takeoff, did not like the skit one bit and did not think it was funny. Offset says the skit portrayed them in a totally opposite light.

“I’m gonna be honest. We didn’t like that skit because it was, like, total opposite of the Migos, like, we rock with each other,” the Father of 4 rapper said. “Then I felt like it was interpreted like we was some dodo birds. Like, making us go against each other. I didn’t really feel that. We weren’t really feeling that.”

Aside from not liking SNL, Offset’s music is playing all over the airwaves this weekend thanks to the release of his new album. The project has been getting some positive feedback since its release at midnight on Thursday night. Cardi B and their daughter Kulture also seems to be enjoying the project as evident in the video clips that she uploaded to Instagram of the two singing along word for word to some of the tracks.

Offset also dedicated an entire song to Cardi B where he apologized for being a bad husband.