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Eminem Rips Into Machine Gun Kelly Again On Stage [Video]

Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem beef

Eminem still has his foot on Machine Gun Kelly’s neck.

Just when we thought that this beef is over, here comes Eminem to remind us that he is still angry at his arch nemesis Machine Gun Kelly. The two rappers went at each other throats last year, but it seems Slim Shady is not satisfied even though he emerged from that battle with the upper hand. During his recent performance in Australia, Eminem blast MGK calling him a “c*** s**ker.” Nothing he hasn’t called Kelly, but this is the first time that he is doing it in a live performance this year.

Aside from taking shots at Machine Gun Kelly, Eminem rocked the massive crowd in Brisbane, Australia with a well-received set performing some of his biggest hits including his MGK diss track “Killshot.” Eminem closed out his performance with his classic “Lose Yourself.”

The Detroit rapper is widely regarded as one of the greatest rappers of all time with millions of records sold worldwide over his career. Em also built his career as one of the most disrespectful rappers ever, so everyone was surprised when Machine Gun Kelly went up against him last year. Some folks thought it was career suicide.