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T.I. Credits Himself Jeezy & Ludacris For Vibrant Atlanta Music Scene

T.I. Jeezy and Ludacris

T.I., Jeezy, and Ludacris are some of the most iconic names in the Atlanta music scenes.

After laying down the ground rules for this weekend’s Super Bowl in Atlanta, T.I. is reflecting on the vibrant Atlanta music scene which he says himself, Jeezy, and Ludacris helped create. The self-proclaim king of the South posted a photo of himself and the two rap legends while sending a clear message about their status in A-Town.

“Be Clear…. these faces along with a host of others (that look like US) laid the foundation for the infrastructure/artistic ecosystem you now know as Atlanta,” he wrote on the Gram. “THIS OUR SH*T & WE RUN THIS CITY!!!! Don’t get it FU*K’d UP!!! We’ll adjust the temperature to make it as HOT or COLD as we see fit. If we ain’t wit it… it ain’t SH*T!!!! Sincerely – King.”

There you have it the king has spoken. So when you’re in Atlanta this weekend partying at Magic City while listening to some trap music, just remember the faces and the names of these O.G.s who helped paved the way.

Additionally, here are some rules to bear in mind while in the A this weekend for Super Bowl.

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Now may the culture commence ….

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