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Chris Brown Breaks Silence On Rape Case Singer Released From Jail In France

Chris Brown 2019

Chris Brown speaks on his rape case after his release from jail in France.

French authorities released the “Ayo” singer on Tuesday evening following his arrest for an alleged rape and drug case in Paris. Immediately after his release, Chris Brown released a statement on Instagram where he rants about how disrespectful the allegation is to him and his family, especially his daughter.

“This b*tch lying,” Brown wrote. “I wanna make it perfectly clear. This is false and a whole lot of crap! Never for my daughter and my family this is so disrespectful and is against my character and morals.”

Chris Brown is also getting a lot of support from his fans as the alleged rape case makes the mainstream media headlines around the world. The news surely paints Brown in a bad light given his troubled past and years of legal troubles.

“We are all behind you CB, these women are trying to destroy all of our successful black men I can’t wait for you to sue her and make an example out of her,” one fan wrote while another added, “I have faith you didn’t do those things. I think I’m a pretty good judge of character. I see things in people others don’t and I just don’t see that in you.”

A female name Kimberley Ford has been speaking out after she was accused of being the woman who filed the police report claiming that Chris Brown raped her. She denies the allegations and went as far as to say that the singer had nothing to do with the alleged sexual assault.