Munga Honorable Drops New Track “Fiery”

Munga Honorable

Munga Honorable drops a brand new track “Fiery.”

The dancehall singjay is pushing past his recent tragic car crash with some new music. Munga Honorable is perhaps the biggest dancehall comeback story between last year and this year and he proves that he still got it. “Lava bad rass give the gal dem fever / So brazy sona / Romel yo know the procedure / Gal them a call we sona inferno excuse and mind it burn yo,” Munga sings over an infectious dancehall beat.

Last week Thursday, Munga gave an emotional performance at the University of Technology while remembering his close friend Tashana Cumbermack who died in a car crash he was involved in over a week ago.

Listen to his new single “Fiery.”