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Munga Honorable Lawyer Speaks Cops Investigating Deadly Crash

Munga Honorable

Munga Honorable is under police investigation.

Munga Honorable lawyer confirmed that the deejay was not driving the car involved in the deadly crash last weekend which claimed the life of his girlfriend Tashana Cumbermack. Police sources confirmed with Urban Islandz that there is an active investigation into the accident since there was a fatality involved. We’re told that it’s common practice for cops to conduct a thorough investigation when someone died from a car crash, and this does not mean that the dancehall deejay is in any legal jeopardy.

Munga’s attorney, Christopher Townsend, confirmed what the dancehall deejay told his fans this week on Instagram that he and the female victim were sleeping in the car at the time of the crash.

“[Munga] was sleeping in the back seat with the young lady after having performed on a show,” Townsend said. “The car was in fact rented by the young lady, who is a Canadian citizen, and most of the damage to the car was sustained in the rear of the vehicle. That is why it was primarily Munga and her who sustained injuries, which suggests they were in the same place (at the time of the collision).”

26-year-old Tashana Cumbermack died in the crash which involved several other vehicles. The Toyota Axio was severely damaged as well as a Suzuki Vitara and a Toyota Hiace minibus.