Jada Pinkett Smith Confused About R. Kelly Music Streaming Spike Amidst Documentary Fallout

Jada Pinkett Smith

R. Kelly is laughing all the way to the bank.

Jada Pinkett Smith is as confused as the rest of us why R. Kelly music saw a spike in streaming after Lifetime aired their new docuseries Surviving R. Kelly. Multiple reports have confirmed that R. Kelly‘s music on Spotify saw a big jump in streaming after the documentary was premiered last week. Celebrities are now boycotting the R&B legend in droves, and Jada Pinkett Smith has been particularly vocal after watching the film with her daughter Willow.

In a video clip posted on her Instagram, Jada opened up about how disturbed she is after learning about the sudden rise in streaming. “So I got an article this morning that R. Kelly streams have spiked substantially since the release of Surviving R. Kelly docuseries and I’m having a really difficult time understanding why,” She said in the clip.

She continues, “I think it’s important that I understand why. I really would like for you guys to help me understand what I’m missing, even if I’m missing something that I don’t necessarily agree with. I just wanna understand what I’m missing.”

Perhaps some fans got curious to hear what his music sound like or they just wanted a reminder. There is no denying that R. Kelly is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter, but can you look past his character when it comes to the allegations of him abusing underage girls and consume his music?