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Vybz Kartel Speak On Bounty Killer Giving DJ Khaled His Big Break In The 1990s

DJ Khaled and Bounty Killer

Vybz Kartel speaks on Bounty Killer giving DJ Khaled his big break back in the late 1990s, Fully Loaded era.

DJ Khaled is now in Jamaica soaking up some sun and recording new music with some of dancehall’s greats for his new album Father of Asahd. For those of you unfamiliar with Khaled’s story and how he left from a DJ to one of the most successful producers, then Vybz Kartel is here to educate you.

Bounty Killer is one of the dancehall legends who DJ Khaled link with in his visit to Jamaica this week. “Over a decade we haven’t link up like this Jamrock flex Father of Asahd DJ Khaled inna di bloodcl**t place,” Killer said.

Kartel responded to Bounty Killer’s comments saying, “You buss him daddy, Alliance buss Khaled from fully loaded/reloaded days mi daddy when him skinny AF!!! Mi deh deh and see fi mi self [Bounty Killer] is a selector yuh tun inna producer.”

The dancehall icon responded to Kartel’s statement saying, “Such is right you zeet big son fawud at home enuh it’s a joy to see his growth happy moment.”

DJ Khaled made his debut in dancehall in the 1990s on Fully Loaded show. The young disc jockey received a lot of strength from Bounty Killer at the time which helped propel his career.