Beenie Man Style Elephant Man In Vicious Diss Track “Don’t Say Nuttin”

Beenie Man and Elephant Man

Beenie Man claps back at Elephant Man with a trippy new diss track, “Don’t Say Nuttin.”

Beenie Man and Elephant Man have been beefing over the past few weeks in what is shaping up to be a veteran showdown in dancehall this holiday season. The younger generation of dancehall appears to have called a truce, and now the old heads are stealing back the spotlight. Last week, Elephant Man dropped a new Beenie Man diss track “Nah Talk,” and now the Doc responded with a track called “Don’t Say Nuttin.”

In his diss track, Beenie styled the Energy God calling him names like Mr. Fake Jeweler and Irrelevant Man. “Hey boy yo pay back for the dub, or you pay the Go-Go for the rub / Before you show your son love you and dog in a pool like yo own kenel club / I am the king weh the gal them choose / You is a elevator weh man use,” the dancehall king spits.

“Irrelevant man become a breaking news / Them say me never help nobody / Alright Miss Ele me ago help your career right now Police Peggy,” Beenie continues.

Beenie Man also disrespected Elephant Man hairstyle and house. “Irrelevant Man yuh house look like yuh hairstyle / Mr. Fake Jeweler and Mr. Fake Smile / yuh career wan fix up like outta three mile,” the dancehall legend continues.

Beenie also denies allegations by Elephant Man about his involvement in Bogle’s murder.