Elephant Man Rips Beenie Man For Allegedly Killing Bogle

Elephant Man and Beenie Man

Elephant Man revived his beef with Beenie Man with a new diss track “Nah Talk.”

The Beenie Man killing Bogle conspiracy has been floating around in dancehall circles since 2005, and Elephant Man just revived the chatters in a new diss track. The Energy God attacked Beenie and Ricky Trooper who recently released a video calling the Ele a thief who fleeced him out of a large sum of cash. Still, its the Beenie Man killing Mr. Wacky line that is once again taking center stage.

“Me nah talk, a try me no waan talk, me nah talk, the truth ago hurt them if me start talk, me nah talk say them say yo kill Mr. Wacky, me nah talk you no member you forgot it,” Elephant Man deejay.

The dancehall veteran later responds to sound system selector Ricky Trooper’s accusations that he is a thief. “Licky licky Trooper me and you a no size, everything you said are fabricated lies, me no a fi talk about these roaches and flies, me left Tony Matterhorn fi jook out yo eyes,” Ele spits.

It’s unclear what sparked Elephant Man and Beenie Man renewed beef, but Ricky Trooper did release a video last month blasting the deejay for taking his dubplate money without delivering on the agreement. Ele is now saying it’s all lies, but it’s not a strong enough denial for some fans.

As for the Beenie Man killing Bogle accusations, it’s a go-to line for the dancehall legend’s enemies. Retired dancer Labba Labba got himself in some trouble over the summer when he did an interview saying he has information linking Beenie to Mr. Wacky’s killing. He later withdrew the statement and apologize to the dancehall icon in the midst of severe pressure from dancehall fans. The Doc has repeatedly denied the claims and even offered up a million dollars of his own money to find the famous dancer’s killers. Bogle’s murder is still unsolved.