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R.I.P. Joyner Lucas Career, Tory Lanez Claims Victory Beef Is Dead

Joyner Lucas Tory Lanez beef

Did Joyner Lucas commit career suicide by beefing with Tory Lanez?

R.I.P. Joyner Lucas career, the beef is officially dead, and Tory Lanez is claiming victory. The two rappers went up against each other in a friendly lyrical battle that turned out to be both entertaining and good for hip-hop. Whether or not the feud is officially over, only time will tell, but both rappers dropped some hard-hitting bars aimed at each other. Lanez is claiming victory and something tells me that by the end of the weekend, Lucas will also claim victory.

The beef is paying off big time for Tory Lanez who drew a large crowd in Ontario, Canada last night. During his performance, the singer/rapper told his fans that he killed his rival and is looking forward to some bigger challenge. He also performed his “Litty Again Freestyle” diss track as the crowd went wild.

“That Joyner Lucas kid, I want to offer this moment right now to give him a good moment of silence,” Tory said. “Rest in peace because today his career is over. Joyner Lucas, we killed you. It’s done.”

A confident Tory Lanez also announced that he is accepting all fades from all his American comrades in hip-hop, so apparently, he is excluding his fellow Canadian hitmaker, Drake. Tory already called out Pusha T by name telling him to step up and bring the smoke, but so far King Push has not bitten the bait. Perhaps not because he is afraid, but because he got more to lose than to gain from a beef with Tory Lanez.

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