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Diddy Sends A Message To Cassie You’re “The Lady In My Life”

Cassie Diddy
Cassie and Diddy

Diddy has one message for Cassie, you’re “The Lady In My Life.”

Diddy has finally shared his reaction to his rumored split with Cassie and it’s very clear that he wants her back. The rap mogul shared a post on Instagram of one of Michael Jackson’s classic love songs, “The Lady In My Life.” He captioned the post saying, “If anyone sees @cassie this weekend please tell her to listen to this song 100 times! LOVE.”

Reports have been circulating claiming that Diddy and Cassie Ventura broke up several months ago after dating for over 12 years. Black Twitter roast the actress/singer for staying in a relationship for over a decade without getting a ring or a baby. It turns out that she will have the last laugh, that’s if she decided to take Diddy back.

Diddy is rumored to be dating a hot young model name Jocelyn Chew, although neither of them have confirmed their relationship. Perhaps it was just a fling and now he is missing the lady in his life. As for Cassie, she shared her reaction to the reports a few days ago when she decided to vent on Instagram a bit with a cryptic message. “F*** these h*es,” she wrote. She also shared a video of herself on her Instagram yesterday and she looked banging.