Dancehall Reacts To Spice New Image “Old Spice vs New Spice”

Spice new image

It’s the battle of the Old Spice versus New Spice.

Dancehall has mixed reaction to Spice bleaching her skin or portraying a light skin version of herself using makeup, etc. Some fans are still in disbelief while others are saying that they don’t care if she is black or white. Some dancehall personalities like Foota Hype and others also shared their reaction to Spice new photo. The dancehall diva previously did an interview where she made it clear that she loves the color of her skin.

“I don’t know if this is a joke, seeing as Halloween is around the corner but… AH WAH DIS?” a fan on Twitter wrote. “Spice bleach out? She even deletes all her other pics, it seems. Lord tell me this is a prank. Spice turn Salt.”

Spice is on the verge of dropping a new mixtape, and one of the singles on the project is about colorism, hence the reason for her new look as a means of promoting the song. “I understand spice new song is about colourism howevsr she mussi know people gonna think she bleach out her skin it was not necessary to do this kmt plenty of artists can sing or rap about colurism without changing their skin colour,” one fan wrote.