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Ella Mai Opens Up About Jacquees “Trip” Controversy

Ella Mai trip

Ella Mai has stepped forward to address Jacquees “Trip” controversy.

Ella Mai and Jacquees have a big falling out last month when her label forced the Atlanta singer to remove his remix of her single “Trip” from SoundCloud. The fiasco caused quite a stir among both of their fans on social media with her fans defending her side and his supporters being upset that the single was ripped from the internet. A lot of fans agreed that Jacquees version of the song is much better than Mai’s and that’s why it was eventually yanked from streaming services.

Speaking with Ebro on his radio show on Monday, Ella Mai says she had nothing to do with the notice that Jacquees received to removed the song. Her label head, DJ Mustard previously stated the same thing, that the label decided to fire off the cease and desist letter and Ella had nothing to do with it.

“I don’t play any role in it, to be honest,” she told Ebro. “I feel like my label made a statement, and there’s not really much else to say about it to be honest. People are gonna take it how they want.”

Ella Mai also added that she has no problem if another artist wants to cover or remix her songs, but it can become a problem if someone else is making money off her work, which is what Jacquees was accused of doing. The British singer says she is still cool with Jacquees despite the issue surrounding the removal of the song.