Diddy Told Kanye West To Call Him ASAP Amidst T.I. Rant

T.I. and Diddy

Diddy wants Kanye West to call him ASAP amidst growing backlash from his White House visit.

Kanye West created quite a spectacle of himself in the Oval Office on Thursday, and since then the backlash has been swift on social media. Now some of his celebrity friends are speaking out against him while others are calling for him to get professional mental health help. Moments after T.I. put him on blast on Instagram, Diddy posted a message for him to call him. “Somebody tell this [N Word] to give me a call! NOTblackexcellence,” Diddy wrote.

T.I. pretty much went against all that he has been saying for the past year. Back in April, the Atlanta rapper and Ye released “Ye vs. The People” and back then TIP said that the only Kanye is too important to give up on the G.O.O.D. Music rapper. Now TIP is singing a different tune and it seems like today’s Oval Office spectacle was his breaking point.

Diddy has never spoken on the Kanye West and Trump situation, but it appears today was also his breaking point.