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Rapper Lil Xan Rushed To Hospital For Possible Overdose

Lil Xan hospitalize

Rapper Lil Xan was rushed to the hospital on Monday afternoon for a possible drug overdose.

Lil Xan is currently hospitalized, and sources say it’s for a possible overdose. The young rapper, who has been battling addiction like so many other musicians, posted a photo of himself in the back of an ambulance on Monday (September 24). The full details surrounding his hospital visit is still unknown, but multiple sources say it’s for a possible overdose.

Earlier this month, Lil Xan said he would be quitting rap after Mac Miller died from a possible drug overdose. Miller passed away at his home in San Fernando Valley, California on Friday, September 9th. His cause of death is still listed as unknown, but a drug overdose is the main suspect.

In an age where musicians are dying from drug overdose ever so often, it’s always scary when a young star has to go to the hospital. Let’s wish Lil Xan a speedy recovery especially since he has an upcoming tour this fall.

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