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50 Cent Trolling Busta Rhymes For Drinking Henny With A Straw

50 Cent is back to trolling Busta Rhymes for drinking his Henny out of a straw.

50 Cent might just have a running with Busta Rhymes one of these days, but for now, the two rap titans are keeping the beef on social media. Let’s hope that this doesn’t get physical. On Monday morning bright and early, Fifty posted a pic of Busta Buss with his mouth wide open trying to consume his Hennessy using a straw. In case your wondering how we know it’s Henny he is actually drinking, that’s Busta’s go-to drink almost always.

After trolling the rap icon about his neck last week, 50 Cent now works his way to his tongue. The G-Unit rapper then got his hands on the video clip of Busta Rhymes drinking his liquor. “Why [Busta Rhymes] open his mouth like that for a little azz straw,” Fifty wrote. “I just woke up to this, if I don’t say something who will, get the strap.”

Busta has not responded to 50 Cent’s latest round of trolling, at least not yet.