Danielle D.I. Says Bounty Killer Is Not The Mystery Tongue God

Danielle DI and Bounty Killer

Danielle D.I. was forced to address rumors that Bounty Killer is the mystery tongue she is ranting about on the Gram.

The dancehall diva posted two videos on Instagram earlier this week blasting an unnamed man for blowing up her phone. In her rant, Danielle D.I. ousted the mystery man who appears to be a local celebrity. She told her fans that the person she is talking about has an identity crisis, bad breath, and a clear plastic dildo inside his home.

The part of her statement that grabbed the most attention is when she said that she gave the same mystery man a piece and he ate it all up. “You is a big dirty hypocrite because remember a my own yo did eat first in the industry and I hated it and I didn’t do it back to you because at the end of the day dirty boy like you can’t have nothing over me because me a bad gal,” she said.

Danielle D.I. didn’t call any names, and that left her fans to speculate who the mystery man is. Some folks were signaling out dancehall legend Bounty Killer, but D.I. posted another video making it clear that Killer is not the person who she is talking about in the clip below.

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