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YG Says “Madden NFL” CEO Call Him To Apologize Over Colin Kaepernick Censor


YG says the CEO of Electronic Arts, EA, called him to apologize for the censorship of Colin Kaepernick on the single “Big Bank.”

EA and the NFL came under fire this week for unjustly censoring Colin Kaepernick’s name from a song, “Big Bank,” on the soundtrack of “Madden 19.” Big Sean famously raps about Kaepernick in his verse on the original version of the song. On the version of the song on the “Madden NFL” soundtrack, the football player’s name was edited out.

Sean Don got wind of what took place and fired off a tweet about it. A TMZ photographer caught up with YG this weekend where he revealed that the CEO of Madden called him up and apologize.

“The CEO just called me like three hours ago and we had a conversation on the phone,” YG said. “They was apologizing and all. They said they gon’ do more than call everybody and apologize and all of that. It wasn’t purposely done, is what they say. I’m a fan of the NFL and NBA so we just gotta make it right.”

YG added that he had to let it be known that it wasn’t right what they did to Kaepernick on the song. Overall he seems pleased about what is being done about the issue, but is this enough for fans of the game.