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Dallas Rapper C Struggs Dead At 32 From Cancer

Dallas underground rapper C Struggs has died.

The Dallas, TX, hip hop community is mourning the death of one of its own today. Rapper C Struggs died on Friday afternoon following a long battle with metastatic cancer. Sources confirmed with Urban Islandz his passing while also telling us that doctors had given him two months to live. “He was putting up a good fight because he was recording music and even doing videos and all that sh*t, but his health got really bad over the last couple of days,” sources said.

We’re told that C Struggs was a popular figure in the Dallas rap scene and his friends and family remember him as someone who was very kind and caring. “His death is a big blow to the community because he was someone who was loved by everyone he ain’t got no beef, everyone love Struggs,” sources told us.



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